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=[[File:Example.jpg]]==Acting===[[File:Example.jpg]]His first role in a major motion picture was in the 1987 film ''[[Parting Glances]]'', for which his performance in the role of Nick received praise. Other early films include ''[[Slaves of New York]]'' in 1988, and ''[[Tales from the Darkside: The MovieTales from the Darkside]]'', a 1990 film with three segments. Buscemi starred in the first, playing Bellingham, a college student who orders a mummy and unleashes it on fellow college students played by [[Christian Slater]] and [[Julianne Moore]]. During 1990, Buscemi had a couple of additional crime roles. He played the henchman of [[Laurence Fishburne]] named Test Tube in [[Abel Ferrara]]’s ''[[King of New York]]'', and played Mink in the [[Coen Brothers]] ''[[Millers Crossing]]''. This marked the first of six of the Coen Brothers' films in which Buscemi appeared. In 1991, he played the bellboy, Chet, in the Coen Brothers film, ''[[Barton Fink]]''. His first lead role was in 1992, where he played Adolpho Rollo in Alexandre Rockwell's ''[[In the Soup]]''. Then he finally came to public attention for playing Mr. Pink in [[Quentin Tarantino]]’s 1992 film, ''[[Reservoir Dogs]]''. [[File:Steve Buscemi (1996).jpgthumbleftSteve Buscemi in 1996]]Buscemi's most notable character roles include Mr. Pink in ''[[Reservoir Dogs]]'', Garland Greene in ''[[Con Air]]'', Rockhound in ''[[Armageddon (1998 film)Armageddon]]'', Donny in ''[[The Big Lebowski]]'' and Carl Showalter in ''[[Fargo (film)Fargo]]''. Arguably his most critically successful performance was for his role as Seymour in ''[[Ghost World (film)Ghost World]]'', for which he won several awards. Buscemi often plays characters that are [[neurosisneurotic]] and [[paranoiaparanoid]]. He has appeared in a number of films by the [[Coen Brothers]], in which he tends to die in a grisly, prolonged or unexpected manner. He frequently provides [[comic relief]] in [[Adam Sandler]] films such as ''[[Billy Madison]]'', ''[[The Wedding Singer]]'', ''[[Big Daddy (film)Big Daddy]]'', ''[[Mr. Deeds]]'' and ''[[Grown Ups (2010 film)Grown Ups]]''. Buscemi also starred with Sandler (as brothers) in ''[[Airheads]]'' alongside [[Brendan Fraser]]. Buscemi also played a nemesis to Sandler and [[Kevin James (actor)Kevin James]] in the comedy ''[[I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry]]''. He also has worked with [[Tim Burton]], [[Quentin Tarantino]], producer [[Jerry Bruckheimer]], [[Jim Jarmusch]], [[The Coen Brothers]], and [[Robert Rodriguez]] on various occasions. In 2003, Buscemi made a brief celebrity guest appearance as himself on the long-running [[Fox Broadcasting CompanyFox]] animated television show ''[[The Simpsons]]'' in the episode "[[Brake My Wife, Please]]". Most recently, Buscemi provided the voice for Dwight, a bank robber whom Marge promises to visit in jail if he turns himself in to the authorities. This episode, entitled "[[I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings]]", originally aired on October 14, 2007. In 2004, Buscemi joined the cast of ''[[The Sopranos]]'' as [[Tony Soprano]]'s cousin and childhood friend, [[Tony Blundetto]]. Buscemi had previously contributed to the show as director of the third season episode "[[Pine Barrens (The Sopranos episode)Pine Barrens]]" (one of the most critically-acclaimed episodes of the series). He appeared in the third episode of Season 6, as a doorman in [[heaven]] (portrayed as a country club) in [[Tony Soprano]]'s dream. He returned to direct the episodes ''"[[In Camelot]]"'', the seventh episode of season five, and ''"[[Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request...]]"'', the fifth episode of Season 6. In 1995, Buscemi played suspected cop-shooter Gordon Pratt in the episode "End Game" at the end of a three-episode arc of ''[[Homicide: Life on the Street]]''. He also had a role as Phil Hickle, Ellen's father and older Pete's guidance counselor, in ''[[The Adventures of Pete and Pete]]'', as well as guest-starring in ''[[Miami Vice]]'' in 1986. Buscemi was rumored to be considered for the role of [[Scarecrow (comics)The Scarecrow]] in [[Joel Schumacher]]'s proposed fifth installment of the (first) ''[[Batman]]'' franchise, ''[[Batman Triumphant]]'', before [[Warner Bros.]] cancelled the project.[] review of ''Batman Begins'' by Andy Hoglund In 2004, Buscemi appeared in the music video for [[Joe Strummer]]'s cover of the [[Bob Marley]] track "[[Redemption Song]]". The video is shot after Strummer's death, and Buscemi appears alongside of a graffiti portrait of Strummer. In 2002, Steve contributed to [[Lou Reed]]'s concept album The Raven with the song Broadway Song, and poems Old Poe and The Cask. Buscemi is slated to star in the upencoming HBO series [[Boardwalk Empire]].